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Rodrigo Cassaniti

Rodrigo Cassaniti Balestra

Physiotherapist - Posturologist
Cristina De Castro

Cristina De Castro Lillo-Benimeli

Speech Therapist - Orthophoniste
Jeronimo Sanchez

Jerónimo Sánchez Gómez

Chiropody - Orthopedics
Rodrigo Cassaniti


Degree in Kinesiology and Physiatry, Diploma in Physiotherapy and Expert in Clinical Posturology.

I studied at the University of Rosario, Argentina. In 1998, I started my professional career working and training in hospitals and medical rehabilitation centres specialised in Sports Physiotherapy, as well as in Cardiac and Respiratory Medicine clinics.

In 2004, my goal was to continue my specialization in Spain where I decided, after some time, to reside indefinitely and continue my professional work as a physiotherapist after validating my university degree.

My professional beginnings in this country began in the city of Alicante in the area of private practice and the Spa. In 2008, I was called to Madrid to work as Director of Training Department in several companies dedicated to training people specialised in the area of professional aesthetics.

In 2012, my life changed when I became involved in the development of the Corps à L’aise project in Alicante, directing the clinic together with Cristina de Castro. In it, I continually contribute my efforts to improve the lives of many people who have conditions and pathologies.

I am a physiotherapist and member of the medical team of the Hercules football Club in Alicante, incorporated in 2018.

In addition, I carry out social actions of diffusion and prevention in different areas of health and physical rehabilitation, collaborating with various associations by giving lectures, talks and contributing my knowledge.

Cristina De Castro


Diploma in Speech Therapy from the University of Valencia.

My entire schooling period took place at the Lycée Français in Alicante, which has helped me to reinforce my specialisation in Bilingual Speech Therapy.

In 2009, I moved to Madrid to work in a prestigious Spanish-French bilingual office where I specialized in speech therapy rehabilitation.

After gaining extensive experience, in 2012, I carried out the Corps à L’aise project together with Rodrigo Cassaniti, helping, through speech therapy re-education, children with difficulties in various areas of language, both oral and written in French and/or Spanish.

Jeronimo Sanchez


Diploma in Chiropody. University Expert in Orthopedics.

I graduated in chiropody from the University Miguel Hernández in 2008. Since then, I have carried out my clinical practice in Elche and Alicante, mostly in the field of biomechanical exploration and orthopaedics.

In 2012, I opened my own workshop in Elche dedicated to the manufacture of custom-made orthopaedic products, focusing on plantar orthoses (Orthopaedic Insoles), thus providing a comprehensive treatment: from exploration, measurement and manufacture to subsequent adjustments.

In 2016, I joined the Corps à L’aise team in order to take advantage of the synergies among different professionals and thus achieve a global and complete approach to specialised treatments in sports practice.

I am dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies and injuries of the lower limb and foot, treating any mechanical cause that may have generated them and resolving their origin.

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