Jeronimo Sanchez

Podiatry is a branch of medicine whose purpose is the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the foot.

This department assists the following services:

Biomechanical explorations of the foot, observing footfall and posture.

Advice on sports footwear.

Orthopaedic treatments.

The podiatry department is in charge of Jerónimo Sánchez Gómez.

Areas in which we are specialists:

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Acting at the podiatric level during the growth of the little ones, allows us to prevent injuries and achieving a correct development. The goal is to avoid possible future illnesses and difficulties in their adult life.


In the geriatric population, podiatric action is to make an appropriate diagnosis of the injuries in order to alleviate or eliminate discomfort.


In this population, special care must be taken and periodic reviews must be carried out, checking possible anomalies and improving existing lesions.


Podiatric action in this population consists of diagnosing the most common injuries of each sport, preventing and curing them, guaranteeing a good result and advising on the most appropriate footwear.


The role of the podiatrist is to facilitate, through the diagnosis of the developed pathology, advice on the most appropriate footwear and guidance to change harmful habits in order to make everyday life more bearable.

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