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Treatment of thoracic and abdominal surgeries

In this video we explain what thoraco-abdominal surgeries are. You will be able to know who is prone to have this type of intervention. We also give you some advice for the pre-surgery and post-surgery phase.PRE-SURGERY STAGE This type of surgery is performed as a...

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Pneumothorax and physiotherapy

Pneumothorax is the existence and storage of external air or pulmonary air in the pleural cavity. (We explain this in this video),Pleura, what is it? The pleura is a bilayer membrane that covers the lungs and connects them to the rib cage. (Fig. 1). It consists of two...

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Music and language development

Music is a versatile element both children and adults like. We know that we can relax, cheer up, let off steam, etc, with music. But it is also a great help when developing different areas involved in language. The influence of music at an early age The repetitive...

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Scoliosis, can it be treated?

Scoliosis is a lateral curvature that occurs in the spine and can be either "S" or "C" shaped. In many cases, when the origin of the curvature cannot be diagnosed, it is called "Idiopathic Scoliosis". In fact, all scoliosis always has a cause, but we will not discuss...

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Heels and posture

When we think of high heels we immediately relate them to femininity. This accessory, adored by many women, stylizes both the feet and the silhouette, brings elegance, whether by day or by night, and there are shoes and heels for all tastes. In many occasions, this...

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Swimming: Tips to avoid injuries

Swimming is a sport that takes time to learn and doing it correctly is the secret to avoiding injuries, contractures and other ailments. If you are a learning swimmer or have been swimming for a long time and you usually have some discomfort when doing it, this...

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