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Stories to stimulate language

Throughout the child's development, from the earliest stage, stories play a key role. The fact in which they are told a story and they can participate in that act, stimulates all areas of language, besides being a playful element that allows them to have fun and, at...

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Symbolic play

Throughout the child's development, play increases in importance and changes with the child´s age. There are many ways of playing and each one of them is made and enjoyed by the child who chooses it. It is a preparatory exercise for the acquisition of knowledge and...

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Sprained ankle, what to do?

The first steps immediately after a sprained ankle are amongst most important ones. Ankle sprains are among of the most common, but they can also happen anywhere in the body where there are ligaments supporting a joint. But what is an ankle sprain? A sprain, by...

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Rizarthrosis, what is it? Causes and treatment

Rhizarthrosis, carpal-metacarpal osteoarthritis of the thumb, or trapezoid-metacarpal osteoarthritis, is osteoarthritis located at the base of the thumb. Rizarthrosis is the term most commonly used to describe this pathology. The thumb is the finger that is most...

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Mouth breather

The term oral or mouth breatherrefers to the child who breathes almost entirely or completely through the mouth and not the nose. Far from being a minor problem, we have to be careful. The consequences can be significant. Causes of mouth breathing The most common...

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