What does visual training, SVT by its acronym, have to do with improving sports performance? The definition of an athlete goes through its genetic heritage but, above all, through the correct development of the motor stages throughout growth.

Dynamic motor patterns are developed through vision. All coordination skills have a strong implication of visual skills.

Through the training of visual skills, an athlete learns to receive and process information in the fastest and most effective way. They are helped to optimize their performance by acting in the right way at the right time. That is to say, with extreme precision and skill.

Vision integrated to senses

Vision is one of the most important channels in the reception of external stimuli. 80% of the information passes through this channel, while the auditory channel only attributes 11%.

Balance, coordination, movement, space-time and a large part of postural disorders depend on good vision.

The aim of our method is to optimize, through the above mentioned, the response times. This improves the decision making of the sports gesture.

Sports visual training with the SVT method

(Assessment and training system based on visual-auditory-cognitive-vestibular-kinesthetic-motor training)

The SVT training we propose will favour both reaction time and a better decision making.In this way, the wear and tear of the player or players will be much better in the competition time. Thus, the sportsperson will be able to focus on the important details.

Explosive strength means that a sporting gesture can be made in the shortest possible time with the greatest possible strength and coordination. By improving reaction time, we will also be indirectly improving strength as we will be able to use it quickly and effectively.

Sports Visual Training (SVT)

Also, by not having unnecessary wear and tear, we will have a reduction in injuries, as we will experience less fatigue at central level.

For this, we will work with both technical and physical trainers. The objective is to create a plan that fits the planning of the season of the athlete(s) without compromising the planning of the season.

All this, always supported by the supervision and advice of our trained professionals in SVT training.

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