During Easter week, many costaleros and members of processions suffer significant physical injuries and Corps à L’aise is always committed to prevention in all areas, which is why we give you some advice…

Before the procession

Make a stretching and warming up table

Put on the protective measures correctly.

Distribute the weight among all the costaleros.

Days before, drink a lot of water to avoid fibrillary ruptures.

Take care of your feet

During the procession

Keep your back straight, your head upright without tensing your neck and your eyes forward.

Breathe with your abdomen expelling the air through your mouth.

Elbows and wrists should be slightly bent.

Step with the whole sole of your foot.

Drink water frequently in small doses.

After the procession

Take off the protections slowly.

Make a stretching board to relax the muscles.

If you feel any discomfort, consult a health professional.

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PhysiotherapyPrevention of injuries in “costaleros” (throne bearers)