A speech therapistfor children focuses, among other things, on the re-education of the difficulties children may have during oral language development.

Language stimulation is essential from birth but not sufficient when pronunciation problems appear.

If these are not solved, they can have consequences for later learning to read and write. If phonological awareness is not well established orally, confusions or wrong sounds can be transferred to reading and writing.

The importance of the speech therapist in childhood

The average age established for the correct acquisition of all phonemes (sounds of the language) is at about the age of five.

Nevertheless, depending on the type of difficulty, it will be advisable to visit the speech therapist before that age to carry out an evaluation. In this way, it can be determined if it is an evolutionary process or if treatment is necessary.

Screening is usually carried out mainly in the family and at school. It is in these two environments that the child spends most of its time and makes most of the communicative exchanges.

In the speech therapy clinic we often hear phrases such as “you speak funny”, “I´m the only one who understands you”, “you don’t pronounce it properly”, “I don’t understand you in class”. These are signs that something is happening.

In addition, we have to take into account the socio-affective factor which can influence relationships with other children. Above all, in the case of mockery, comments or that he/she is aware of the difficulty , the child could diminish its communicative intention.

Therefore, the sooner speech therapy re-education begins, the more successful it will be and the better results will be obtained in less time. This will always depend on the established diagnosis.

In short, we must not forget that prevention, detection and timely intervention are synonymous with progress.

If you have doubts, or suspect that your child has any of these warning signs, visit us. At Corps á l’aise, we are here to help you.


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